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LPG Fitting & Tuning

Accurate LPG Fitting and Tuning Work by Stubbs Auto

Spurring petrol rates, diminishing world oil reserves and the need to reduce motoring costs where ever possible are the major reasons for the people opting for an LPG system in their cars.

Above all, it allows you to bring down your car’s total fuel costs by nearly 60%. That’s a lot of saving.

The benefits of LPG are too great to ignore, especially when you have an extensive usage of the car. LPG is a proven high performance, efficient, clean and above all, economical alternative to standard unleaded petrol.

This is why; Melbourne car owners are making this smart move by converting their car to an LPG system.

lpg tuning

If you are one amongst them and want long-term savings, look no further than Stubbs Auto. We are your trusted automotive partner, assisting you with accurate LPG fittings and tuning.

Our team has the required knowledge, qualification, training,and equipment to safely fit and tune an LPG system in your car. Our services are backed by skill, precision,and experience. We can safely fit and tune the high-performing LPG system in your car.


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Family owned and operated business


Over 30 years of experience


VicRoads and VACC Accredited

Planning to replace your car’s petrol tank with an LPG system? Call us today on 03 5941 4077 and start saving money every time you fill up your tank.

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