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Fuel Injection Cleaning

Car's Performance with Fuel Injection Cleaning

Fuel injection cleaning service can benefit your car greatly in terms of mileage, performance,and emissions. The fuel injection mixes the fuel and air inside your car’s engine that assists in delivering a finely controlled amount of fuel to your motor.

Hence, a regular cleaning for your fuel injections is very important. It can result in better output, economy and lower emissions from your car.

Our professional mechanics at Stubbs Auto have an in-depth knowledge of fuel injection cleaning. We can offer you a comprehensive service to ensure that your fuel injection gets thoroughly cleaned.We follow a systematic approach while carrying out the entire cleaning process. Here’s how we do it:

fuel injecture cleaning
  • The injectors are visually inspected and cleaned externally
  • The injectors are tested for resistance and current flow
  • The flow rate and leak tests are performed and recorded
  • An Ultrasonic cleaning process is carried out
  • Fuel lines, air flow metre, oxygen sensors are repaired or serviced
  • Replacement of o-rings and other components


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Your car is an important investment; do not neglect it. Give your car proper care and maintenance. Choose a regular fuel injection cleaning service from our experienced and expert team of mechanics. All you need to do is call us on 03 5941 4077 to book our service.

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