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Car Air Conditioning Service Pakenham

Make Your Drive Comfortable with Our Great Air Conditioning Service

Driving a car that is experiencing an air conditioning issue can be really uncomfortable.

Such situations can really be frustrating and understand that. That’s why we offer the best air conditioning service and regas for your car.

Stubbs Auto is a prominent name in the automobile industry. We are known for our accurate car air conditioning servicing and repair in Pakenham. We can also provide an on-site at your convenience – at your home or office.

car air conditioning Pakenham

What Does Our Air Conditioning Service and Repair Include?

Like all other parts of the car, even the air conditioning demands a regular service in Pakenham. If it is poorly maintained, there are chances of experiencing lowered fuel economy, internal corrosion and damage to other systems in the car caused by leaking refrigerant.

If your car is facing any of these issues, our team can help. We provide extensive mechanical repair and service including:

  • Air conditioning regas
  • Gas recovery
  • Leak testing
  • System pressure test
  • Filter replacement
  • Hose and O-ring replacement
car air conditioning pakenham


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One Stop Shop


Family owned and operated business


Over 30 years of experience


VicRoads and VACC Accredited

If you have any query regarding our car air conditioning service and regas or want to book our service, simply call on 03 5941 4077. One of our team members will be there to assist you.

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